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I met with a customer today.  His competitor is doing unethical marketing so I am protecting him against The Enemy.  My Customer's Enemies are My Enemies.  I [scoped] out what he needs done and came to the truth that he needs an Orca Computer with some customization and upkeep in his digital Home.

Tech Package called "Orca Computer Digital Home" starting at $77 .  This is package is designed to release Your Heart's desires.  Remove doubts, growth and development

Futureproof Infastructure

As I was walking out he told me to think it over and tell him the price.  $77 per month.  Fair and reasonable.  If a person can not afford  $77 per month we become friends.  We are here to produce results. 

Below are the steps of the Buyer Process to close these Long Term Customers.  

1) Customer becomes a Member
2) Customer Schedules An Appointment
3) Jesse [scopes] out the work
4) Provide Buyer Agreement
5) Buyer signs Buyer Agreement because it makes sense for their Business.

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    Cloud Storage.
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